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Caroline Bouguereau is a printmaker, sculptor, painter and ceramic artist with a training in glass blowing. Her art works since her earliest projects have been inspired… Read More »Printmaking

Villa Medici

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(2009) Professione: Storico dell’arte Nata nel 1975 in Provenza, Caroline Bouguereau ha studiato all’Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne, dove ha ottenuto il Diploma di Studi Approfonditi… Read More »Villa Medici


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(2000) Experiment which alone shows the nullify of all those adduced against the motion of the earth. “Shut yourself up with some friend in the… Read More »Inertial

Horseshoe worms

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(2004) Horseshoes worms or Phylum Phoronids are marine invertebrates, worm-shaped, solitary, tube-dwelling lophophorates. Phoronids are hermaphroditic and reproduce asexually. Gametes are released through the nephridia.… Read More »Horseshoe worms

Man a plant

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(2007) These ceramic pieces look like organic life forms and explore the common structures that unite human anatomy and the plant world. The idea is… Read More »Man a plant